Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dinner at Brookville

Honestly, we never thought we would go to Brookville because, well, no one we know has ever gone there, and plus the website looked weird.  But the website changed!  So anyway, we decided to go, and we are so glad we did because the food and service were great.  Here are some pictures (note: not pictured - our appetizer of delicious shrimp and an amuse-bouche that slips our mind - again, the perils of not posting promptly):

Elizabeth had the fried chicken thigh on a bacon waffle.
Ben had the lamb dish, which featured lamb shoulder and chops.
Pretty good.

We shared the root beer float with bacon ice cream.  The menu was a little
bacon-heavy.  Nothing wrong with that.
All in all, it was pretty good meal.  Ben thought the chef sounded a little pretentious - we got a speech about local food at the beginning from our waiter that wasn't especially unique (many restaurants in Charlottesville source locally, e.g. The Local), and there were a lot more suggestions on what to order than normal.  Even still, the food was pretty good, and we'll probably be back at some point.  Where else can you get bacon ice cream?

C & D

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