Monday, February 27, 2012

Orzo Anniversary Dinner

Back to Orzo Kitchen and Wine Bar!  We really enjoy Orzo every time we come here but for some reason, it hasn't been on the tippy top of favorite places to eat.  It probably doesn't help that every time we look at the menu, we can never remember anything that we've ordered before.  It's like we have fond feelings but no actual knowledge to prove it.  Good but unmemorable food.  That feeling changed with this visit.  Orzo was on their A-game all night and at the end, we were both ready to put Orzo up there with the Local, Mas, and Fossett's and all the other fabulous fine dining establishments we're lucky to have in our li'l town of Charlottesville.

Ben resisted the urge to dive head-first into the plate
as Elizabeth took this picture.
Ben ordered the braised Niman Ranch pork belly, Carolina shrimp, creamy polenta, and caramelized Brussels sprouts.  This was SO delicious, especially, surprisingly, the Brussels sprouts.  I actually love Brussels sprouts but these were outshining the pork belly.  (A nod to you vegetarians. See, we like vegetables!)  The sprouts were just cooked to absolute perfection all around. The shrimp reminded me of the delicious and popular shrimp at Mas.

Dear Orzo, Thank you for cooking me perfectly.  My
death was not in vain.  Sincerely, Salmon
Elizabeth ordered the herb-dijon crusted salmon, orzo "risotto," truffle butter, toasted almonds and braised leeks.  The salmon - just cooked to perfection.  We cleaned our plates, the both of us.

We're pretty sure we ordered the arancini di riso:  risotto, ricotta, scallion pistou, remoulade with Italian white anchovies.  That app, the one we actually had, was a total winner, and the extra Italian white anchovies - they cost $3, were totally worth it.  Look at us, big spenders.  A lot of people don't like anchovies (anchovies are another one of our favorite tapas at Mas), but you're definitely missing out (an anti-nod to vegetarians there).  More anchovies for us then.

A good night was had by all.  And by all, we mean the two of us.  Yay Orzo!

C & D

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