Sunday, February 26, 2012

Restaurant Week at Fossett's

Charlottesville had Restaurant Week from January 23 - 29, so we decided to take the opportunity to go to Fossett's.  Of course, we accidentally wrote the date of our reservation wrong.  Elizabeth recorded the dinner as happening on Tuesday, but it turns out our reservation was for Saturday.  Luckily, Fossett's had room for us anyway, so we didn't get all dressed up for nothing.

For our appetizers, we had the hand rolled trofie, which was made of braised local lam shoulder, rosemary and stony man cheese.  Trofie are gnocchi made with flour, water and a little bran.  stony man cheese seems to be local Virginia cheese.

Everything we had (including the trofie) was just amazing, so we thought we'd share some pictures we took.  Enjoy!

From pancetta wrapped monkfish, braised red cabbage, mustard nage,
rye croutons.

Wagyu beef, horseradish beignets, maitre d'butter, crispy garlic,
parsley fonduta.  Yum.

Duck confit with ricotta gnocchi, baby mustard greens, butternut squash
nage and cracklin's.  At least, we think this is that...
This is the problem of very late updating.

Frozen vanilla bean souffle, red wine
poached, spiced Albemarle apples.
Ben had the souffle pictured left, and Elizabeth had the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Medjool Dates and whipped Devonshire Cream but the picture came out fuzzy. This souffle was much better anyway.

Some of our friends mentioned that Fossett's went with the B menu (i.e. no super fancy ingredients like foie gras) because of Restaurant Week.  We don't know if that's true, but we do know that our meal was fantastic.  Hopefully we'll have a chance to go one more time before departing to DC.  And if not, then maybe we can make the 2.5-hour drive every now and then.

We're still working on our backlog of pictures and commentary, so hopefully we'll have a few more posts in the coming days.

C & D

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