Friday, January 6, 2012

The Cleanse: Day 4 - Full of Vegetables

When we started the cleanse, there were elements of optimism from having an ambitious New Year's Resolution, but there was also a bit of apprehension, based largely on the fact that we would be going from a diet featuring a fair amount of meat and dairy to one full of vegetables.  Four days in, there is a bit of tedium setting in.  You know you're going to feel hungry 3-4 times per day, and by the way, this is a hunger that can't be satiated by radishes and kale.

Today, running low on smoothie ingredients, we had to improvise a little on breakfast, adding some mangoes, apples, romaine, parsley, mint, strawberries, and cranberries - this is all Elizabeth remembers throwing in the blender, in any case.  We also redid the dinner from yesterday (just as exciting too!), this time not adding four times as many red onions as we should have.  The new dish of the day was lunchtime's sweet potato, celery, and apple salad.  The dressing was nice and brightened up the vegetation, though there was some early confusion as to whether it's okay to eat sweet potatoes raw.  (Apparently it is.)

We've started planning the next week of the cleanse - you might call it our exit strategy - and, due to our upcoming road trip, we've decided to begin Week 2 on Sunday and incorporate some meals from Week 3 next week as well.  Planning ahead for the possibility of eating fish and eggs is really the only thing keeping us going.  That and mutual support or whatever...

C & D

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