Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Cleanse: Day 6 - The Benefits of Starvation

This is going to be a weird visuals day since we had miso soup for breakfast.  Yes, breakfast soup.  It was quite delicious and hearty but was definitely a strange way to greet the day.  It's no stranger than drinking vegetable smoothies for breakfast.  Besides, weird soon becomes normal on the cleanse - like our constant (normal) hunger and our constant (normal) thinking about food.

On the plus side, we got on the scale and weighed ourselves today.  Elizabeth lost 5 pounds and Ben lost 10.  It might be a little bit of muscle mass for Ben but Elizabeth has no and has never had any muscle mass so she's probably just losing weight.

We better be losing weight since we're only eating about 800 calories a day, even with small cheats.  Small cheats like this green smoothie - which we had leftover from yesterday.  It seems like we're doing the real person's version of this cleanse because something that doesn't seem to be brought up in the reading materials is the possibility of certain foods going bad because you have to buy 10 green onions but only use 2.

The kale salad we had for lunch is below.  This was actually a Week 1 lunch, but we already had the ingredients for it.  This salad was meh, though the dressing was nice enough.

For dinner, we had salmon and bok choy.  Yay for having fish!  It was delicious and beautiful and we really wish we remembered to take a picture of it.
For a light dessert, since we're a little tired of the cinnamon-poached apples, we had a mango salsa, which was basically the salsa we had with the fish, but with a leftover, lonely mango.  See, real people.

Now that fish - actual protein - is back on the menu, Ben is going to try lifting weights again for the first time since starting the cleanse.  We're also thinking about trying the 100-pushup challenge.  We're hoping that the intense and unending hunger pangs won't interfere with attempting actual physical activity.  After flailing around on the tennis court, there's no place to go but up.

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