Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Cleanse: Day 8 - Hunger Pangs Are Not Controlling Our Lives

Last night Elizabeth had a dream that she ate a piece of chocolate and not only did she feel terribly guilty, but also she was only able to take little tiny bites of the bonbon, and the chocolate was inflaming her mouth and stomach, and it left a bad aftertaste.

It makes a huge difference doing the cleanse with someone else.  (Thanks, Ben!)  His feelings of hatred towards Elizabeth regarding starting the cleanse have mostly subsided.  The 2 pounds he loses per day probably don't hurt either.  We saw an old friend today and she noticed how great we looked.  It also doesn't hurt that the last time she saw us, the semester was ending and we were preparing for finals on a steady diet of Asian Express - now, we are quite well-rested and eat almost nothing but vegetables.

For breakfast, we had the avocado smoothie.  It was just deliciously creamy.  Ben was initially skeptical about the flavor combination of avocado, pear, and vanilla, but it worked quite well.

For lunch, we had the spicy black bean salad.  It wasn't as spicy as Elizabeth had thought it would be, but that's probably good since Elizabeth can't take the heat sometimes.  (Side note: we're planning a pretty awesome trip to Jitlada, our favorite ridiculously spicy Thai place on Saturday.)

For dinner, we had the same meal as yesterday but this time with tilapia instead of mahi-mahi.  The fish we bought actually came as 4 fillets of 3 oz whereas the recipe calls for 4 oz so we each ate 6 oz of fish instead.  We know it's much more than the recipe calls for but Elizabeth is getting a little worried about our rapid weight loss and doesn't think it's too terrible an idea if we just add a few hundred calories here and there to our sub-1,000 calorie diet.

For a snack, we had the fruit and nut clusters.  I think they're actually called fruit and nut balls but we're so immature that we laughed every time we said it.  If you just mix in raisins and peanuts - incidentally the cheapest dried fruit and nut - they taste just like PB&J balls.  Haha, there we go again.

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