Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Cleanse: Day 9 - Start of Week 3

Last night, Elizabeth had a dream that Ben was out of town, so Elizabeth was having snacks with some new people and her friend, Pauline.  Pauline and Elizabeth told their guests that they would get them dinner and suddenly they're running through a closing Asian market in a white tent, narrowly missing tons of closing doors.  Then they were attacked by mooses.

Anyway, given our abbreviated schedule, we started Week 3 today.  This is significant because it's the return of EGGS!  Eggs are Elizabeth's favorite food.  We added poached eggs (something new to our egg repertoire) to our shiitake mushroom and brown rice dinner for a little extra finger-lickin' good.  Even in future cleanses, Elizabeth may never give up eggs again.  The separation was too hard.

Breakfast was another avocado smoothie.  Delicious again and doesn't even feel like we're cleansing. Lunch was chickpea burgers - yummy, but they feel very healthy.

We continually wonder how much of this cleanse is going to stick after the cleanse is over. Elizabeth is totally for more avocado smoothies, fruit and nut clusters and roasted cauliflower. The rest is a little up in the air.  But now that we're less hungry, and don't think about food all the live-long day, the cleanse actually saves a fair amount of time and stress because we have to plan our meals for the week -otherwise, we'd be shopping constantly.  And we've figured out some cheap ways to continue the cleanse - like the peanut and raisin clusters from yesterday.


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